Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we communicate with the licensed mold inspector?

You can use one or a combination of ways below.

  1. Text – Send pictures of concern areas via text.  Ask questions and get clarifications via text.
  2. Email – Email questions and send photographs online.
  3. Both – Use a combination of both email and text.

Besides the low cost, are there other advantages?

Yes.  A mold inspector that visits you will try and get you to do remediation, so they can make more money.  You’ll never know if you can believe them or not.  With the DIY Mold Inspections, no money can be made off of our recommendations, so you know you will get honest answers.

Does the price include samples?

Yes.  Air and/or surface sampling can be taken using everyday household items.  The inspector will let you know where and how to take samples if needed.

Do I get recommendations about how to take care of the mold?

Yes.  If remediation is needed, the vast majority of time you, a handyman or a general contractor can do the remediation.  We will send instruction on how to perform the remediation.  In serious cases, you may need to have a professional mold remediation company do the work.